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My Sexy Bodyguards

My Sexy Bodyguards

8.9K Reads 145 Votes 4 Part Story
Subha Syed By zjqczr Updated Nov 15, 2009

Adrienne O'Conolly is not the girliest of girls. She has that certain spunk about her, and comes with all the looks, not to mention money. Still grieving the death of her beloved elder brother, she gets into a car accident. Her father - being the rash, rich businessman he is - put her under the care of 3 well trained bodyguards who would protect her 24/7. She is not bothered by this, but is suspicious, solely due to the fact that her father has not acknowledged her existence after the death of her brother. Being with bodyguards does not bother her in the slightest, but it aggravates her that her best friend Ethan Riley is annoyed. Why? Even she doesn't know...as of yet...

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