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I couldn't make any promises but I didn't want to anger anyone here. If I had any hope of escape, it was between the time I would be sold and transported. I had to make these people believe I was docile and innocent enough to be trusted.

*This is your warning: there will be mature content at some point in this story.

lmao I have stretch marks that could be confused with my scars
I would wear red contacts. They would freak people out, and they would be pretty awesome.
AudreyMaple AudreyMaple Apr 18
Why wouldn't he just bid 5 mil and 1 cent because the old guy said he wouldn't pay a penny more then 5 mil🤔
Ahmad chou mou aib alik yaani ??? Haram ya akhi haram 😂😂
I though she was bound up? Poor wee lass, it's like doing a three legged race for her
Is it bad that reading this, I wanted to say something mean on this paragraph lol