You Can't Escape...(Jeff the Killer x Reader)

You Can't Escape...(Jeff the Killer x Reader)

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Natsu Kirai By The_Wishes_of_You Updated Jan 11, 2017

(Y/N) is a little girl who loves to make everyone smile. She doesn't have a mother or father but, has a wonderful grandmother who watched after her for years. (y/N) was always smiling until, a certain smile appeared and took (y/n)'s smile away. Will she gain the strength to avenge her grandmother? Or will she hide behind locked doors and windows, in hopes the killer won't find her.

I do not own the Jeff the killer or other creepypasta, they belong to their genius authors who created them ^-^ The picture is not mine either, but please enjoy my story, favorite, like, comment, and follow ^-^
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Taes_my_Gucci_King Taes_my_Gucci_King Jul 25, 2017
Bruh I love my grandma and all, but I just randomly sit with a knife in my mouth.
Taes_my_Gucci_King Taes_my_Gucci_King Jul 25, 2017
People from the 20th century would have a heart attack if they met Jeff, while people today would be all over him and he would probably never return.
lindadacookie lindadacookie Jul 05, 2017
That's what I call my grandma Nana and did you know the place Reader lives is a gravity falls reference
Minx_The_Murderer Minx_The_Murderer Aug 19, 2017
im 15 almost 16......also Jeff is like 19 - 25
                              is Jeff going to be a pervert little girl toucher? ...0.o
Fuzzical Fuzzical Nov 19, 2017
Taes_my_Gucci_King Taes_my_Gucci_King Jul 26, 2017
I wouldn't care if Jeff killed me, I mean come on! It's freaking Jeff the sexy killer!