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The Pain Behind The Smile

The Pain Behind The Smile

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Min By Naruto_Uzumaki_ Updated Nov 20, 2016

Heyo! ~Uzumaki here. So I decided I wanted to write another Naruto fanfic. 
Hope you like it.

This one may be similar to TDRIH, because this is sort of a rewrite of that one. I felt like I did terrible on it and I decided to fix it.

Update- this story will not be a yaoi.

FoxEyes306 FoxEyes306 Aug 11, 2016
I figured it out when I saw a picture of the fourth on the wall like come on how do you not see the resemblance :'3
Kazue_Uzumaki Kazue_Uzumaki Mar 30, 2016
I didn't figure it out until the third or fourth episode.... TTnTT...
PureInsanity39 PureInsanity39 Nov 20, 2016
........*whispers eerily with eyes glowing*
                              tobi is a good boy.......*starts laughing quietly but evilly*
gibson1014 gibson1014 Aug 17, 2016
At this point I don't think he cares as long as he leaves...
yamixyugifan yamixyugifan Aug 02, 2016
great the akatsuki have naruto just leave the kid alone please pein
Thats atcully not what I thought would happen. BUT ITS AWESOME