Consuming Fire

Consuming Fire

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The third in the ROUGE series ...

'The true heroes are the ones who have courage, even when they have no power at all.'

After Hunter and Will are rescued from the terrifying institution and brought to the safe house where the others are hiding out, Hunter is met with several new challenges; facing Joshua for the first time since the warehouse, forgiving him for the mess he made of her life, and mending the shaken relationship she has with Will after their horrific last few days in ICE. Just when it seems like healing is possible, Hunter discovers Eli and Jenny are alive, putting a wedge in her relationship with Will. When the FBI move in on the hunt for Dr. Wolfe and Hunter and the others are introduced to a secret society that supports superheroes, Hunter almost forgets that she left Jack and her resurrected father back in ICE. 

Before the ultimate battle between hero and villain, Hunter has to endure more loss, heartbreak and horror than ever before. But she also finds joy in uniting with her friends from ICE and rekindling a lost flame with Joshua. During the last stretch of her courageous journey, Hunter realizes it is not the power that makes her a hero... it's the consuming fire within.

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