Littlest Wolf (Hope Mikaelson FanFiction)

Littlest Wolf (Hope Mikaelson FanFiction)

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Ruby By DownTheRabbitHole131 Updated Jan 04, 2016

Hope Mikaelson is the miracle baby of Original Hybrid Niklaus Mikaelson and werewolf Hayley Marshell. On the day of Hope's birth her father knew that New Orleans was not safe for her so she was sent away. To live a life far from the danger that Nikaus's enemies put her at risk for. 

Growing up without knowing your mother and father is tough enough for any girl especially if you're a hybrid witch like Hope. After sneaking out one night Hope makes her way to New Orleans in search to find her mother and father but of course she couldnt just tell them who she was straight away as danger still lurked in every corner. So she decides to lay low for a while until the time is right to tell them.

But that times comes sooner than she first planned and she is faced with serious consequences......

Join Hope as she discovers who she really is and finally has a chance at what she's dreamt of since she was little....a family. But of course no family is perfect and she soon discovers how imperfect h...

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  • love
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Kkatelynkk Kkatelynkk Apr 28
That was really well written I loved it that was like an amazing opening to a movie. I keep on rereading the part about Klaus' shadow in hope's room like I love that so much! I could just picture everything in my head that was amazing and now I have to go and read it a third time