These Three Years (Raura)

These Three Years (Raura)

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- Sequel to These Four Walls - 
{Highest Rating: 5th overall searched Raura Fanfiction} 


Three years ago, Ross and Laura fell in love. 
Three years ago all was right in their worlds 
But that was three years ago, and time is cruel and unfortunate, especially to those in love. 

Ross and Laura started off as enemies, then went to friends, then lovers. 
But now, they go back to square one. Now, they start over. 

But this time, nothing's the same.

And for all they know, 

Nothing will ever be the same.

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apricotslalisa apricotslalisa Mar 23, 2017
I'm not liking you at all so get out of his soul.
                              Dez: That doesn't rhyme.
                              Me: There's the door
yAyRyDeLiSbAe yAyRyDeLiSbAe Jun 05, 2017
Now you have it! Thanks Ross. You put the feels back in one piece.!
                              Break it again and look behind you
Ironically, the song “let her go”, the acoustic version came on, so it’s making this a lot more sad and emotional 😭
yAyRyDeLiSbAe yAyRyDeLiSbAe Jun 05, 2017
... Ross.... 
                              You freaking broke the feels
Cessvillaruell Cessvillaruell Jun 02, 2017
Me: rose theres a door... So you just gonna do is get out of freaking Ross's life! Got it
                              Rose: i don't care! 
                              Me: *sigh* fine i escort you *push her through the door*
                              Rose: but-
                              Me:buh-bye rose *slam the door on her face* well that's was easy 😂😂
rauraneedstohappen rauraneedstohappen Apr 18, 2016
Exactly, so you can go now Rose. Like I said before, THE DOOR!