How to Catch an Oppa (#Wattys2015)

How to Catch an Oppa (#Wattys2015)

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ValeriBeatrix By ValeriBeatrix Updated Nov 05, 2016


 "Ah! So hot, so hot, so hot!"  I jumped back and tried to brush the spilled liquid from my shirt, but it only seeped further into the fabric.

            "Aish! I'm sorry. I didn't see you." A male voice said.

            "Well, that's obvious. If you would lo-" I swallowed my words when I looked up. My lips parted without consent as my eyes blinked (like a mad woman's). I tried to stop them, but it was useless. As my brain scrambled for a word to describe the honey-hued man in front of me, I let my gaze wander over his face. I didn't make it past the sensual, hooded eyes-like half-moons-staring at me.

            "Are you ok?" He asked.

I watched his lips, and bit the inside of mine. They were plump, with a natural pucker that called me to them.

            "Umm, your uh, shirt."

I looked down to see my nipples peeking through the stained part of my blouse. Of course, this happens on laundry day!

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Writing_Is__Lyfe Writing_Is__Lyfe May 24, 2017
He don't wanna be seen with you in public? Uh-Uh dead that! 👏👋😕
Mzcrazy2 Mzcrazy2 Jul 21, 2016
I would've through the bottle in his face too, but would've saved the pie though.
LadyFanFics LadyFanFics Jun 30, 2016
I am enjoying your book so much!! And it'd mean a lot if you checked out one of mine 😌
SpiderCat426 SpiderCat426 Dec 19, 2016
That's me first I'm like "okay one more," then "k last one" then ends up with me finishing the whole show dead tires
Hallaib4Zari Hallaib4Zari Nov 06, 2015
GIRL!!!  MY FRIEND TOLD ME ABOUT THIS AND I HAD TO READ IT!!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO FIND A KOREAN FANFIC DEVOTED TO AFRICAN AMERICAN PEOPLE??!!!! This gonna be the joint....I'm hella ready for whatever happens next.(=
ValeriBeatrix ValeriBeatrix Oct 23, 2015
sheesh, I am soooo late with this reply! I use the mobile versioj of wattpad and it generally informs me of every other comment I receive :(  I loved that drama! Lee Min Ho is delicious, but so far my favorite has been My Love from the Stars!!!!!