How to Catch an Oppa (#Wattys2015)

How to Catch an Oppa (#Wattys2015)

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ValeriBeatrix By ValeriBeatrix Updated Nov 05, 2016


 "Ah! So hot, so hot, so hot!"  I jumped back and tried to brush the spilled liquid from my shirt, but it only seeped further into the fabric.

            "Aish! I'm sorry. I didn't see you." A male voice said.

            "Well, that's obvious. If you would lo-" I swallowed my words when I looked up. My lips parted without consent as my eyes blinked (like a mad woman's). I tried to stop them, but it was useless. As my brain scrambled for a word to describe the honey-hued man in front of me, I let my gaze wander over his face. I didn't make it past the sensual, hooded eyes-like half-moons-staring at me.

            "Are you ok?" He asked.

I watched his lips, and bit the inside of mine. They were plump, with a natural pucker that called me to them.

            "Umm, your uh, shirt."

I looked down to see my nipples peeking through the stained part of my blouse. Of course, this happens on laundry day!

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