Brotherly Love: a Nayes Fanfic

Brotherly Love: a Nayes Fanfic

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Nobody knows that Hayes is gay. But he's not just interested in boys he's interested in his brother! Hayes struggles to keep both of his secrets. Will he be able to? Or are his feelings too strong?

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Hayes & Nash. 

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Whenever I read the fanfiction girlfriend's name I'm like "Who tf is a (F/G/N)? Ima kill her "
mattdabae mattdabae May 02
I don't really think it's weird if you fall in love with your step brother or sister. It's not like your related it's just that your parents got married
I only came out to my mom and sisters and that's it bc I'm scared
I'm only reading this because I wanted to make fun of it and I just can't I'm laughing too hard rn
I'm in love with this girl from the bay go by the name Mary Jane.... no? Okay.
blurbyblurb blurbyblurb Dec 26, 2015
My friend film school, he's gay and his family support him of course ND they were all kicked out of their church