The family secret

The family secret

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On a new account! By Xhands_on_meX Updated Apr 19

What would you do if your parents suddenly died? If you had to move in with seven complete strangers you barely know, thinking they hate you, to find out they love you.. A little to much.
Would you do if these seven strangers were your brothers?

(Cover by SeikaPheonix cx give her amazing props <3 note: seven hearts, seven older brothers.. Her idea, not mine. LOVE YOU SIS <3)

P.s. This book will be on hold for a few months. Just to let you know :)

Bruh, you won't be feeling it for a long time, trust me. The minute you enter that house, you won't be feeling it for a while. 
                               #BxB #8some
Jason_Rein Jason_Rein Jun 07
From some reason, this made me think of that one game The Last of Us
Ohhhhhhh he's on a plane✈✈✈ lol it took me way to long to figure that out
a_loves a_loves Oct 14
Try having no butt and sitting in thoses hard svhool chairs for  an hour and a half
If they were anxious... Why didn't they come to pick him up? Lol
Oh god j Hate planes one I have a fear of them and two my ribs start hurting during them. Weird I know