The Vampire Prince

The Vampire Prince

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Brooklyn Howard By Brookie-Chan Updated Jun 24, 2015

Natsu Dragneel was born into a the Pure Royal Vampires lineage, Dragneel family. He was taken at birth and ended up training with a fire dragon, Igneel.

Natsu joined the Fairy Tail guild unknowing of his family history. Lucy Heartfilia had joined the guild a while back and Natsu was about to do something unexpected when a sudden interruption happens just after.

Read on to see the exciting turn of events and find out if Natsu and Lucy are going to be able to stay together.

All rights reserved to Hiro Mashima. The creator of Fairy Tail.

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Disney_animelover123 Disney_animelover123 Aug 29, 2016
Good:They confessed to each other!
                                           They're getting married!👑
                                          THEY ALMOST HAD A NALU MOMENT!!!❤️
                              Bad: THEY INTERRUPTED THE NALU MOMENT!!!😡😡
_Natsu_Soul_ _Natsu_Soul_ Feb 22, 2016
*cracks knuckles * Let's go Erza!
                              *Pissed Erza and me walk up to the guards kicking both of them out* ANY STAY OUT UNLESS YOU WANT TO FIGHT THE ENTIRE GUILD NALU IS HAPPENING AND YOU JUST RUINED IT!
ThisIsCreativity ThisIsCreativity Mar 11, 2016
If they ship NaLu I'm fine but they interrupted NaLu so Ima kill 'em
Trinity_bloodshot Trinity_bloodshot Aug 03, 2016
I was about to write some people's names in my new death note book so........back of
ThisIsCreativity ThisIsCreativity Mar 11, 2016
WE NEED MIRA AND ERZA OVER HERE also bring the fangirls they count as an army
Rivera79 Rivera79 Aug 04, 2016
Engaged well it good thing that they just said that they love each