Moving Along (Furry) (BoyxBoy)

Moving Along (Furry) (BoyxBoy)

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Atticus Howle By AtticusParker17 Updated May 07

Atticus Simons was an average kid. At least he tried to be anyway. He got good grades, had a decent friend, and great prospects for the future. People thought he had everything he ever wanted. Most of them hated him for it. 

Little did anyone know he'd trade all that just to get back the one thing that meant everything to him: a family. But when he tampers with forces beyond his control, he's  thrusted into a world beyond his comprehension. A world where animals walk and talk just like humans. If it wasn't already bizarre enough, he finds that he isn't quite the boy he thought himself to be.

Using his wit and intellect Atticus must find a way home, but is it that easy? Will he rise to the occasion or fade into darkness? (Not a sequel to A Fallen Angel)

  • action
  • adventure
  • anthro
  • bullying
  • cat
  • comfort
  • drama
  • father
  • friendship
  • furry
  • hurt
  • love
  • lovetriangle
  • mother
  • movingon
  • romance
  • sadness
  • teenfiction
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NightWing4390 NightWing4390 Oct 10, 2017
If that happened to me, I would've told the principal and gotten him fired.
soulhyena soulhyena Dec 20, 2017
Ok, call the poepoe, this bitch will be very much dead soon. Will i regret it? No, i don't have morals, plz don't call the asylum im not ready yet.
Painter-of-worlds Painter-of-worlds Mar 21, 2017
Wow that's sad I mean u... I mean just damn I don't think anyone would laugh if someone was being beat up
weirdfloofy weirdfloofy May 04, 2017
And thus he is now master guardian elite in douche strike universal ass
BlizzHusky15 BlizzHusky15 Dec 11, 2016
*raises paw* Can I borrow the book after you're done with it? :3
vladdy_OwO vladdy_OwO Jan 14, 2017
And I thought my teacher was the harshest most bomb pussy that because of me, having 98 on my History class for correcting him all the time