Moving Along (Furry) (BoyxBoy)

Moving Along (Furry) (BoyxBoy)

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Atticus Howle By AtticusParker17 Updated Jan 25

Atticus Simons isn't a very popular kid. He's bullied on a regular basis just for knowing what's required in life. The few people who do talk to him just want him to do their homework.

 To top it all off he's an orphan who lives alone. His life changes however when he tampers with forces beyond his control and ends up in a new world. 

This world has animals that walk and talk. If it wasn't already strange enough he soon realizes that he isn't the human boy he once was. 

Using his wit and intellect Atticus must find a way home, but is it that easy? Will he rise to the occasion or fade into darkness? (Not a sequel to A Fallen Angel)

BlizzHusky15 BlizzHusky15 Dec 11, 2016
*raises paw* Can I borrow the book after you're done with it? :3
derpy_furry derpy_furry Jan 14
And I thought my teacher was the harshest most bomb pussy that because of me, having 98 on my History class for correcting him all the time
BlizzHusky15 BlizzHusky15 Dec 11, 2016
Sorry about the spam. I just do it if the story is good. Please bear with my blabbermouth ;w;
"Well I say we get a baseball bat and break that teachers knee caps"
ChucklesAFD ChucklesAFD Dec 11, 2016
This story is amazingly written. Quickly becoming one of my favorites.
BlizzHusky15 BlizzHusky15 Dec 11, 2016
Beowulf is a good poem...... And the cutest character there is in skull girls :3