"The World I Live In" Levi x Reader

"The World I Live In" Levi x Reader

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What happens when you fall for someone without even really knowing them? Will you persue them?

Maybe they will love you back, too.

At a young age, (f/n) falls for a man at first sight. From then on, she works her way up to stand on the same grounds as him.

Will her love win him over?

tmhwpacc tmhwpacc Feb 03
By definition this grammar is correct, it wouldn't be for an object but it is for killing someone via hanging so shoooooooosh everyone
thatnerdygamer4 thatnerdygamer4 Dec 05, 2016
At first I though Deathnote? Is she gonna kill her foster siblings?? No, just a diary
tmhwpacc tmhwpacc Feb 03
I think that's the shinigami who's watching you use the death note
I hate the word hanged because it's right but it sounds so wrong!
Siou-M Siou-M Jan 02
Well your right  but it don't work for me. Even if I smile, people don't care about me
I'm the prey and Levi will be the predator and eat me all up...😏🍋