"The World I Live In" Levi x Reader

"The World I Live In" Levi x Reader

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What happens when you fall for someone without even really knowing them? Will you persue them?

Maybe they will love you back, too.

At a young age, (f/n) falls for a man at first sight. From then on, she works her way up to stand on the same grounds as him.

Will her love win him over?

ok now I know I'll get a whole shìtload of emotions reading this
Christa is only 4,9 so she's the shorty but hey Levi's corporal so he's corporal shorty
I love humans. Izaya taught me an amazing thing about them and how they react in situations. And plus, even if i like humans doesn't mean I have to interact with them ;p
heyimriri heyimriri Jun 17
PSSHHH IMAGINARY FRIEND HAHAA... bob can you get me some fries with that burger pls...?
I still have an imaginary friend.im 13 but  I only have one because I have no friends or siblings to talk too so I just created an imaginary friend.His name is Nato and he is kind of like Levi but a little bit nicer.
                              I'm not crazy please don't judge me I'm lonely 😭
This is what life is like when you don't have any siblings and it's summer.
                              Now you guys know how I feel..