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***New, condensed title and an AMAZING cover made by my dear friend, TheMoonlightWolf!! This story will once again be undergoing some changes so that it isn't so crazy and there isn't as much fainting, so bear with me!!

Heyo! This is the transferred and more grammatically correct version of the story on my other account! (Also, I now feel like the song Heart By Heart by Demi Lovato (from the City of Bones movie) really fits this story. Just sayin'.

McKenzie Brunswick is just a normal Black Butler fan, but when she hears the familiar laugh of her favorite character, but in the real world and follow it into a tree, how will her world change?

Very cliché with being brought into the Black Butler world and all, but I assure you, it's pretty good from what I heard.

135K reads and 4.1K votes was what I had on my other story, so hopefully I can beat that! I do hope to get things updated more quickly, but I'm not so sure! Anyway, enjoy! Thanks for reading! Love you all!

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I bought the movie. And 3 undertaker figures while also purchasing a top hat that wasn't actually influenced by him in any way.
20 times girl I've re-watched black butler 20 times.. AND I'LL NEVER GET TIRED OF RE-WATCHING IT!! XD😂😂
jaeynpark jaeynpark Aug 05, 2016
Same af, except now I'm stalking the makers for the last book
RisOfTheOpera RisOfTheOpera Feb 29, 2016
I just finished Kuroshitsuji 1 and I am still trying to fill that gaping hole in my heart
hanafuda hanafuda Mar 31, 2016
Just that? I think I watched one season at least 1 time a day ... For six months.
Dreamerbelief Dreamerbelief Jun 04, 2016
I have watched almost Black butler so much my iPod and tv automatically turns black butler on when I go on Netflix