Her Side Of The Story

Her Side Of The Story

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IceQueen1994 By IceQueen1994 Updated Jan 09

Scarlett Jane Wilson the typical highschool badbitch, moves from New York to a small town which is her mother's hometown called Oakland with her mother, after her parents split. This was all she wanted, a fresh start away from her past, from all the people who kept judging her without knowing her side of the story.

 Everyone knows not to mess with her because she is bad. But noone ever tried to find out why. What made this girl so cruel that she decided to never love again. 

While Logan is madely in love with the goodgirl Emily he can't manage to get the stubborn yet beautiful redhead out of his head. He thinks Emily is 'the one' for him but is she?

Join Logan and Scarlett on their journey which is a bit cliche......or is it? What will happen when the badgirl who gets what she wants, wants the badboy. Hearts will be broken and lives of the students of Oakland High will be turned upside down. Read her side of the story to find out. (Warning there might be curse words and some mature stuff)

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