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Roommates: An Annie x Mikasa Fanfic

Roommates: An Annie x Mikasa Fanfic

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Love is Love By Annie_Ackerman Updated Jun 28, 2015

Annie typed quickly, trying to distracther wandering mind. The ad was almost complete but she felt like it wasnt worth her time. She didnt want another mouth to feed. She could barely feed herself and theyd just take up space. Itd been almost two months since Reiner and Bertolt had moved out to start a life in Miami but she was still in the small apartment trying desperately to make rent. Life was going down hill fast but it was all she could do not to curl up and just give up. Friends for life and for Annie something more. Small in stature but big on additude shed fought and fought and fought just to be beaten by someone larger and stronger. At least in those days she had Reiner and Bertolt to come home to. She did it for her friends... No her brothers. They were like the brothers she never really wanted. But now? Now she alone. Alone in an empty house with just a scrawny cat for company. She pressed enter on the key board, summiting the ad for a roommate to Kraig's list. She sighed n...

                              Anybody? No? Okay, bye.
VicBvb VicBvb Aug 25, 2016
Tell me the girl my dream is here tell me she is HERE AND REAL
Mk_Beta Mk_Beta Jun 21, 2016
Levi is feline pretty good today! 
                              I'm sorry I'll just leave
VicBvb VicBvb Aug 25, 2016
Levi in this book but a cat imagine a staight face cat with his face XD
VicBvb VicBvb Aug 25, 2016
Hey is the coffee in Brooklyn taste good (i know the wings in new York are the best of everything else 😎)
VicBvb VicBvb Aug 25, 2016
Oh that my coffee shop 😁 (more in to coffee then tea 😕)