Sebastian x reader x William (black butler)

Sebastian x reader x William (black butler)

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gabbyusa By gabbyusa Updated Jul 03, 2015

Sebastian x reader x William 
A souls radiance has a better fragrance then a rose in summer bloom, and that soul is (y/n). She's a beauty who dresses only in white, her (h/l) (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes are the only other source of opposition. Some say she's the white mare of the Wild West. Dresses in white, her radiant pure white mane flows like the crystal clear waters of Niagara. Her fair skin so soft and young, as the mares white body moves in sync. Her white shimmering coat, the symbol of perfection as there is no opposite colors degrading it's beauty. 

She's perfection it's self.

She's the white mare of the Wild West.

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Kazoo-Hira Kazoo-Hira Jun 28
This sounds like a National Geographic channel
                              The wild YN stalks the crimson eyed raven with a smirk 
                              YN always catches her prey with one swipe
                              But will YN with this crimson eyed raven?
KidamayaShinozaki KidamayaShinozaki Jul 31, 2017
God...damn it William. Why? She was my only friend, besides elizabitc...I mean Elizabeth. Why? You lucky you handsome af.
And the Oscar goes to............................YOURS TRULY (ME)
grellSmolBean grellSmolBean Jun 11, 2017
Auburn his eyes are auburn ! Why doesnt anyone listen to me 😣😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢
-Dark-Ranger- -Dark-Ranger- Jun 23, 2017
running in heels is easy. I can hop-scotch, jump-rope, do cartwheels, run, jog, print, all that fancy nonsense in heels.
sai_senpai sai_senpai Feb 26
Man it kinda weird when I have to say Elizabeth twice because my name is also Elizabeth 😭😅😩😫