DIAVOLA - The Night Hunter

DIAVOLA - The Night Hunter

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Edith stark By HulkSmash147563 Updated Dec 30, 2020

#1 in fore shadow ( 3 Dec, 2020)

When a war breaks out between two powerful mafias , the Italian and the Irish , Astrea Ainsworth gets on radar of danger alongside battling her own demons .

Known to be the deadliest assassin, Astrea ( Diavola ) Ainsworth gets recruited by one of the two battling mafias. But helping them comes with a price...... What is it ?

Is it related to the fact as to why her eyes were violet or as to why she gets killed in every goddamn dream but never die ? 

Is everything in her life real or is everything not as it seems ?

Can she find her forever or gets killed by the one?

" I am the question that nobody knows answer to, including myself."

Was she really who she portrayed her self to be or there's something more to her ? 

To answer all the questions, I dare you to read and find out......