Rejected and a baby?

Rejected and a baby?

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'I Danny Kennson Reject you Jake Parks' 

After I said that I ran. I ran fast and hard. Nonstop for 5 days, I was tired and exhausted. All I knew was that I was starting a new life, and far away from Jake.

zoeleigh3 zoeleigh3 Mar 04
Sorry but it annoys me that she is so pathetic that she's blaming herself and not being angry at the people that hurt her what's next she comes back in a few head time and forgives her brother and mate just like that
Why tell him that if you want to start a new life and for him to not look for you think child!ugh
I thought she was the beta. Why are they so disrespectful to her
The heck first she said he kissed some slut and then she kisses him. This is going to fast
I'm dying the letters are killing me she says she loves them when they've treated her like trash mostly her mate. I know she loves her brother cause that's her family but her mate said he was gonna reject her and then he says he loves her. This should be Shakespeare😂😂😂
Yes she felt the non existent heartbeat of a child that hasn't developed yet because they literally has sex last night and morning sickness automatically mean your pregnant