The rejected mate

The rejected mate

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Kourtney By kourtney_collins Updated Jul 02, 2015

Kendall Ross was a shy girl but had the brightest personality, for someone who goes through what she does. Since her parents had died in a rouge attack she was abused by her pack and only family member Ashton. She stayed in her abusive pack for 4 years in wait for her mate. When she finally meets him her whole world comes crashing down.

Her future, her savior, and her hope was all set up one guy. He rejected her. The one guy who Kendall depended on. Alexander Wilson.

In pure grieve and depression Kendall leaves the pack in order to find a escape from her pack. She stumbles upon the alpha of the Wolfsbane pack and they take her in.

Soon Kendall has been turned into a fighting machine and a sweet and sexy woman. In order to fight a rouge army Alec's poorly skilled pack needs assistance. He calls the Wolfsbane to train his poorly skilled pack.  Alec learns that he must fight for what he loves and that's Kendall.

Maria20178 Maria20178 Dec 16, 2017
Why the hell did she write a letter like a sick love letter she just get  rejected and she write thst she should etute a hate letter yeah now wouder they saying shes pathetic jesus grow some ball
Keaunaday Keaunaday Dec 18, 2017
Ok how the hell can you be quiet and annoying at the same time🙄 dumb bitchh.
drewtooraww drewtooraww May 19, 2017
Does that means she 11 years old since she stayed in the pack for 4 more years
Kawaii_Gamer123450 Kawaii_Gamer123450 Oct 30, 2016
..... She has a kind heart, if others in her pack were in her situation they would have been dead