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Leah's Secret...(Don't tell or else...)

Leah's Secret...(Don't tell or else...)

242K Reads 1.6K Votes 19 Part Story
Cheesehead By cheesehead Completed

Lewis, Alex, and Tricia idolized Leah. She was their neighbor, babysitter, and best friend. She did everything with them and loved them like her own siblings. So you can imagine the 3 Collins kids were crushed when Leah went missing. They moved, their Mother slowly drifted away from them, and they slowly drifted away from each other. That was until Leah suddenly reappeared. There's a reason why she disappeared. Why she's stalking the Collins' kids. Why no one is allowed to tell Leah's Secret. Lewis, Alex, and Tricia must stick together and be strong for one another, because Leah is back, and she's back for revenge.

  • alex
  • beads
  • collins
  • cooed
  • crazy
  • leah
  • lewis
  • patricia
  • police
  • secret