Dirty Dancing (Larry Stylinson Fanfic)

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Mrs. Bodiford xx By ZoeyandNick Completed
This story does contain boyxboy action... Please don't read if you don't agree with that kind of thing.
I really thought that this was the whole story and I was like, are you just doing this to get more f*cking views, seriously! then I realized that it had an arrow with chapter 1 by it, and im like, I am such a f*cktard...
oh my god. I shouldn't be reading this. ohmaigod. ohmaigod. imma go now. (But you're an awesome writer tho ;)
Can i describe this chapter in one word? Intense! I really really like it, at first I thought it was like another fanfic that I read, but It's different and original <3 I like when happen "that" things between Hazza and Lou, hehe, (Im a little pervert, I know) Keep it like that, dear!
Okay so I read the first chapter and Half of the second one, I have to say that I don't read boyxboy cause that is not my type of thing, but otherwise it was good! It's well written and it flowed. You didn't rush into things but you didn't drag it on which is good :) Keep it up!
This is really great! I love Larry Stylinson! Hehe, can't wait to read more :-)
Romancing and fan fiction aren't my forty so i can't say weather it was good in that genre although i can say it was written well and there wasn't many big errors.