Fun House 》5SOS《 (Completed)

Fun House 》5SOS《 (Completed)

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卌 |-/ By odetojersh Completed

Lucas Robert Hemmings.

Escaped the asylum at 1:34 AM 
13 January 2015

4 girls and 3 guys captured by Luke. And nobody knows why they we're taken to that place.

All forced to play some sick game. And nobody knows if there's someone who makes it out alive.

All rights reserved. 
© odetojersh

Damn it why do the bîtches in the story gotta have my name lmao
Dang hearing him act like this is hot 😍😍😍😍 like kidnap ill act like im a slow runner.❤️❤️❤️❤️ kidnap me lucas. Lik
I was about to drink hot tea... I saw this.... did not expect it..... dropped tea on myself...... fml
Let me rephrase what he just said, 
                              "Not THAT cruel." Dammit Luke
I was this in the middle of the night after watching scary movie, rip me