Nalu Lemons

Nalu Lemons

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Nalu Forever By niki_nalu_4 Completed

This is the countiuation of what happened in the last chappy of nalu lovestory 

it countains harsh lemons i advise if your in grade 9+ and you are mature enought to read it

and there will be different nalu lemons that i will do for you

i forgot how awkward Lemoms were. just never read The Hat Fic. ever. like ever.
natsu always has pants but for get a shirt
                              not like it matters!
emma27654 emma27654 Dec 27, 2016
Who ever wrote this hell of young if they confuse but and butt
purpleflamewolf purpleflamewolf Dec 25, 2016
Is it bad that when I searched nalu the first thing that came up was this?A lemon.
cuteelowy cuteelowy Dec 23, 2016
Look at the booty
                              Show me the booty
                              Give me the booty
                              I want the booty