Nalu Lemons (Mature/Funny Edition)

Nalu Lemons (Mature/Funny Edition)

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Nalu Forever By niki_nalu_4 Completed

This is the countiuation of what happened in the last chappy of nalu lovestory 

it countains harsh lemons i advise if your in grade 9+ and you are mature enought to read it

and there will be different nalu lemons that i will do for you

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niki_nalu_4 niki_nalu_4 Aug 12, 2017
What do you think comment here to eat me here what you think about the new little update that I did.
KatsMeOutzide KatsMeOutzide Aug 15, 2017
dude just say penis dick cock and vagina. Whats up with manhood and womanhood XD
IHasHappines IHasHappines Aug 23, 2017
Yum yum. Natsu.... Lucy....... NOT FOOD U CANABAL. (Is that how u spell it I suck at spelling....)
Caj_Sama Caj_Sama Oct 16, 2017
                              Natsu: OOOOOAASAOOOOOO -Fings our doink- 
                              Lucy: That’s the size of my pinky. 
                              Natsu: -Sadness for days_
Caj_Sama Caj_Sama Oct 16, 2017
I got this image stuck in my head for weeks. I went to school and was late for some of my periods cause I was thinking of this.
Caj_Sama Caj_Sama Oct 19, 2017
                              What the fuahaak have you done to