Romantically Hopeless

Romantically Hopeless

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brs By blueraspberryslush Updated Nov 27, 2020

"Allyssa!" He grabbed my face, forcing me to look him in his eyes. His cold, almost lifeless hands cupped my face. His eyes were warm by contrast, but that was nothing more than rage.

"Leave me alone, Anthony! You've made it clear what you want, and that isn't me! Let me-" I never finished what I had to say, as a pair of lips came crashing into mine.


Allyssa wanted nothing more than to live a perfect life. She'd meet a nice boy, they'd have a nice relationship, get married with a nice ceremony that was followed by a nice reception, have a nice little family, and live in a nice house. 

High school looked at her fairytale dreams, looked at Allyssa, and laughed in her face. When senior year rolls around, all of Allyssa's wishes for a real, sustainable love come back to bite her in the ass.

The story of a hopeless romantic who, quite ironically, happened to be hopeless in romance.