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New Species (Pokemon Fanfic)

New Species (Pokemon Fanfic)

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LucarioMaster41 By LucarioMaster41 Updated Dec 16, 2015

My mother is a human and my father is a Mew. But what does that make me? With Team Rocket nipping at my heels and my struggle to control the move Transform, what else could go wrong? Well, I have been feeling more like a Pokemon than usual... Story made IcecreamSyndrome on!

TriggeredKitsuneFoxz TriggeredKitsuneFoxz Dec 03, 2016
You mean like pokèmon?
                              Android - no idea
                              Kindle - still no idea
                              IOS - hold down on the e
                              Computer - press alt&1&8&3 at the same time
MaeMaeSsa MaeMaeSsa Jan 07
*Giggles* very funny picture instead looking stern it became cute
bookboy11 bookboy11 Feb 17
I just imagine a big, foreboding, angry Mew. He opens his mouth to yell at his child. "Mew"
Pokemimi Pokemimi Nov 29, 2015
It's true he would be going
                              "mew mew mew me mew" he said in a disappointing tone
- - Aug 10, 2015
XD well Pokemon
                              I'm on mah kindle
                              I suggest you get a keyboard app
mariahreed mariahreed Jun 29, 2015
lol how did this happen! lmao hahahahah mew is too cute and just can't rap my head around this situation lol