If Bites Could Kill...

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isa garcia By sisag1990 Updated 4 years ago
There’s a new pack of werewolves in town, but not any town a town ruled by vampires.
    Will Isaac and his pack support the hell they’re living in?
    Will Lyla and his brother Ax be able to get this pack to leave?
    But that’s not the only problem, everything’s about to get messier.
It has potential lol n I really like it so far!! UPLOADDD SOON!!! :3 Some gramma mistakes here n there, but it's really good!!
so ill keep reading this, but what you need to know is that when u use words from the 3rd persons point of view, then go bak to first POV it REALLY confuses the reader and makes it hard to keep reading lol, besides that, its very good:D