Here Right Now ≫ Stilinski [book two]

Here Right Now ≫ Stilinski [book two]

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Sam ❥ By loseyourdnim Updated Jan 27, 2015

Now that Sawyer's been through training her best friend Scott, finally dating her lifelong crush Stiles, and bitten by Peter Hale, her life won't exactly be normal. A poor teenage girl unwillingly cast into a world of supernatural- who knows what'll happen? Sawyer isn't like other werewolves; she doesn't have any control whatsoever, yet she still is able to maintain calmer than most wolves during the full moon. No one knows what the new year will bring, but Sawyer's sure of one thing

Nothing can ever be the same.

//season two\\

[book two]

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Graycelyn1234 Graycelyn1234 Oct 16, 2016
Lydia looks way taller on screen then cuz I'm 5'3 and am considered short asf. Also I'm younger than her
Jungkook-Method Jungkook-Method Aug 16, 2016
idrivemyparentscrazy idrivemyparentscrazy Apr 12, 2016
*miranda sings voice*
                              WHAT?! CHEATER! 
                              *my voice*
                              Calm down Miranda people can have more then one best friend
LejlaHazMagic LejlaHazMagic May 20, 2016
I loved this Disney movie
                              XD, WHAAT was it called, again? 
                              Geek Charming, or some sh1t like that??
newyouth newyouth Sep 06, 2016
The first day of school is tomorrow. I have read 'the sidelines' in one day. And here I am about to pull an all nighter reading this one. Wish me luck.
KeiraHand KeiraHand Jul 24, 2016
Just like *looks a bare wrist* 5 mins ago you were yanking Allison into a classroom bish so don't start that $hit with moi