The True Alpha

The True Alpha

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(Teen Wolf Fanfiction) 

When Bianca's Father died, her mother was forced to keep her true identity hidden from her. 
That Is Until Her Mother Is Killed And Biancas Forced To Live With Her Aunt In Beacon Hills.
There She Meets Scott McCall Who Sniffs Out Exactly What She Is. 

A Werewolf. 


An Alpha.

wolfgirl0121 wolfgirl0121 Jul 27, 2016
STYDIA STYDIA STYDIA!!!!😄😄😄😄❤️❤️❤️❤️
kodawolfbball kodawolfbball Dec 18, 2016
Kids: what was the first thing you said to each other
                              Scott:... can't remember 
                              Bianca: he said not something like "wow hey" it was bite or birth. 😐
Roscoes_Friend Roscoes_Friend Aug 08, 2016
Or you'll die from being attacked by the supernatural. You never know...
allofusarebeautiful allofusarebeautiful Jul 29, 2016
jensen as a first name is better if you know what i mean 😏
Onechictolive Onechictolive Feb 02, 2015
Awwwwww it's a Stydia moment...........
                                     I'M LIKE FREAKING OUT!
IceQueenofMitera IceQueenofMitera Oct 16, 2014
"Oh, Mr. Hoechlin" made me laugh so hard lol
                              Ahem, anyway, great start