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Childhood Crushes

Childhood Crushes

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MissDagger By MissDaggerOfficial Completed

Annabelle Sage grew up in a small town in Tennessee with her three older brothers and her dad. She goes to a new Middle School and makes a new best friend - Bale Hax. They were thick as thieves until a bully outbreak thrashed out on Annabelle. She’s so heartbroken and angry she decides to move to the city, where her mom lives. She doesn’t look back, not even to visit her brothers or her dad. Years pass, memories forgotten. But when she receives a letter from her dad that pulls on her heart strings she debates on whether she should go back or not. Before she knows it she's in the dusty ol' town she knew as a kid surrounded by the people she had tried to forget. These people include her childhood crush, her old friends, and of course her family.
Torn between her life back home with her mother and her heart, she struggles to make a decision: Should she stay or should she go home?
Lot’s of hard choices are made when tears turn to smiles, smiles turn to laughter and laughter turns to...kissing? An engaged man? One week before his wedding?!
Whoa now, why don't we try to figure this out...

A Novel by Cheyenne Cook, All Rights Reserved 2012

I really liked it so far can't wait to read more of it.  Yay I'm excited haha ~ Anita
Liz_Liliana Liz_Liliana Nov 04, 2015
This is my who knows what time reading this book and it never gets old
MissDaggerOfficial MissDaggerOfficial Feb 14, 2013
@sweettigger98 I dropped this story for a loooooong time, and I literally had no clue what it was about anymore. So I kind of improvised. I know it doesn't make sense. But thanks so much for reading :)
foreverfree98 foreverfree98 Feb 13, 2013
Why they break up if they love each other and how you explain the beggining With the end they hace nothing similar but i really really love it
LaNiin LaNiin Oct 28, 2011
@MissDagger  I know ,I know :D I've been busy with school and writing my own stories as well. Don't worry I'll be up to like chapter 30 or something by Sunday night :D ...hopefully
MissDaggerOfficial MissDaggerOfficial Oct 23, 2011
@LaNiin Thank you! Enjoyyyyyy :) Just so you know, the chapters I'm working on right now, I have no idea what I'm doing.... but you have plenty before you get to that one! lol