Cupid Shot Me

Cupid Shot Me

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Blimishhhhh By Blimishhhhh Updated Nov 22, 2016

He's back. He changed. He's annoying, a player, a bad boy, he's a jerk! He's someone else... He's Alec Zimmer? Gawd he is... I don't know what he is, but I hate him. Who the hell is he?! 
He comes back with a new personality and a new body and new... EVERYTHING!!! 

Ok, so you probably think I'm some crazy girl with anger problems, no I am not, I'm just a normal teenage hormonal girl totally normal right? Just kidding I'm not really normal I mean I'm not a alien I just panic easily. My name is Haley Green, I have long brown hair and green eyes, people say I'm very pretty, but all I see is a plain girl in the mirror. I'm very funny (I'm a Lier too) I'm pretty weird sometimes but that makes me unique. 
My dad left when I was 11 so, Ya I'm daddy less (don't ask what happened) 

Any-who my problem here is my best friend from my childhood moved away without telling me then he later on shows up with a new personality, new looks, and even a new name! 

I hate him.
I'm a Liar.

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Harshleen10 Harshleen10 Mar 25
"When u wanna say yes but u gotta say no " sorry I had to 😂
aaliyah_hvc aaliyah_hvc Nov 23, 2016
First of all, I'm loving the first chapter. Second of all, I have forgotten everything that happened in this book the last time I read it. Third of all, I claim being the number one fan to this book. If this gets an award then I want this book to be dedicated to me. (I'm joking in every aspect)
RitterGirl RitterGirl Oct 08, 2016
Zimmer is my last name too! Lol! I'm not alone at the end of alphabetical order in school!
1bluewolf1 1bluewolf1 Dec 12, 2015
Is it wrong that if my parents died I wouldn't be crushed, yeah I might cry but I'd get over it fast, my dad is never home and my mom flat out ignores me so...