a sluts life

a sluts life

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Another_girl_150 By Another_girl_150 Updated Feb 17, 2015

Jamies p.o.v

hi im jamie and it is 4 in the morning and i am walking home from they guys apartment i just fucked. and let me tell you he  was crap and i mean it.

but before i tell you about muy sex life let me tell you about myself. i am 19 i have long thick brown hair, i live in LA but i was bourne and raised in England. i never liked it there probably because of my parents they made it hell for me, and i mean hell. my dad used to abuse me and punish me for everthing and my mum was a drunk.

they hated me and i hated them i think thats why i decided to grow some strenth and punch him and kick him enought to runaway. i took there money and bought a 1 way ticket to LA and i thought i wll just earn money by being a prostitute. its not like its hard you get paid for having sex with people you wont ever meet again.

i quite like probarbly because im used to being a whore i used to be one in secondary school thats why i had no friends but its not like i cared to them i would of probably j...

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