Blunt Core

Blunt Core

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OnukakElizabeth By OnukakElizabeth Updated Dec 26, 2020

18+ only. Matured content

"Elivis... We shouldn't be doing this" I moaned, my head slowly losing all the common sense I had left in me.

"I know doll" he agreed. His husky voicemail sending a shiver down my spine. 

 " I will make you scream my name until you forget what is right or wrong" he wispered softly by my ear and that sent in into a severing mess. 

"Elvis...." I screamed his name as my orgasm took over


23 year old Amanam Ikang, a single mother of a beautiful daughter. Pains and misery is all Ama has known all her life. But a glimpse of hope returns when she meets a young handsome god

Elvis Barker, a well trained disguised assassin takes up a mission that changes his life forever. His path crosses that of Ama in an unusual way. 

Will he be her knight in shining armor thiepart??