Kyoya's Little Sister: Ouran Fan Fiction

Kyoya's Little Sister: Ouran Fan Fiction

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Megurine Luka By Luka_Megurine_102 Updated Jan 15, 2015

Name: Chīsana Hana Ootori. Meaning: Little Flower. Nick-Name: Hana

Age: 14

Hair: Black with light pink highlights, reaches to waist. Is kind of curly

Clothes: A red strap mini dress, a white jacket and brown boots that go under her knee

What Kyoya and his brothers want her to wear: Anything that covers skin

Personality: Happy being with her family and depressed when she is alone

Name: Kyoya Ootori

Age: 16

Hair: Black

Clothes: Sleeveless hoodie and jeans 

Personality: Busy and cold, when with his sister he is protective and does anything he can to make her happy

Rest of host club: Haruhi, Takashi, Honey, Hikaru, Koaru and Tamaki
I do not own Ouran High School Host Club!
Some of the characters will act different from what they did in the manga/anime
Please enjoy!

Onyx_0_Eyes Onyx_0_Eyes Apr 25, 2017
I can just imagine kyoya being like Sebby then running jumping while throwing knives
jendndndmdkdmd jendndndmdkdmd May 03, 2017
Wait... but she's Kyoyas little sister! So if Kyoyas the mum and Tamaki is the dad and Hanas the daughter... 
                              I'm confused now.
temporaryfool temporaryfool Nov 30, 2016
Coo coo kies me like cookies 😊 :3 author chan is awesome!
wrapmonstar wrapmonstar Mar 04, 2017
Love the fanfic already *grabs skittles* *reads with passion*
erickasmith17 erickasmith17 Dec 28, 2016
Konnichiwa means either good afternoon or how are you this morning in Japanese 
                              Konnichiwa means hello in Chinese
FrozenTigerGal03 FrozenTigerGal03 Nov 21, 2016
I like the thought of kyoya being a protective older brother. Showing his weak side to his little sister... IS SO ADORABLE :3