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Kyoya's Little Sister: Ouran Fan Fiction

Kyoya's Little Sister: Ouran Fan Fiction

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Megurine Luka By Luka_Megurine_102 Updated Jan 15, 2015

Name: Chīsana Hana Ootori. Meaning: Little Flower. Nick-Name: Hana

Age: 14

Hair: Black with light pink highlights, reaches to waist. Is kind of curly

Clothes: A red strap mini dress, a white jacket and brown boots that go under her knee

What Kyoya and his brothers want her to wear: Anything that covers skin

Personality: Happy being with her family and depressed when she is alone

Name: Kyoya Ootori

Age: 16

Hair: Black

Clothes: Sleeveless hoodie and jeans 

Personality: Busy and cold, when with his sister he is protective and does anything he can to make her happy

Rest of host club: Haruhi, Takashi, Honey, Hikaru, Koaru and Tamaki
I do not own Ouran High School Host Club!
Some of the characters will act different from what they did in the manga/anime
Please enjoy!

Onyx_0_Eyes Onyx_0_Eyes a day ago
I can just imagine kyoya being like Sebby then running jumping while throwing knives
AdeliaHart AdeliaHart Nov 30, 2016
Coo coo kies me like cookies 😊 :3 author chan is awesome!
-Missy_Mouse- -Missy_Mouse- Oct 02, 2016
Tamaki: Oh kyoya there are people around ;3
                              Kyoya: Jumps out of car
wrapmonstar wrapmonstar Mar 04
Love the fanfic already *grabs skittles* *reads with passion*
erickasmith17 erickasmith17 Dec 28, 2016
Konnichiwa means either good afternoon or how are you this morning in Japanese 
                              Konnichiwa means hello in Chinese
FrozenTigerGal03 FrozenTigerGal03 Nov 21, 2016
I like the thought of kyoya being a protective older brother. Showing his weak side to his little sister... IS SO ADORABLE :3