Together ~ A Carl Grimes Fanfiction

Together ~ A Carl Grimes Fanfiction

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Kaitlyn went on holiday with her mum and sister. How was she supposed to know that it would be the last time she'd see everyone else she loved? 

She's a 14 year old girl in a different country when the apocalypse strikes. She's forced to face a world of violence, pain and suffering.

One day a swarm of corpses run her way and just as this happens,  she runs into four people that would change her life for the better...

This contains spoilers from The Walking Dead, so read at your own risk. Contains bad language and possibly SC. PG 13+ is recommended.

My first time doing this guys so no hate please. :) :)

All of the characters apart from Kaitlyn, Anne, Seb, Alice, Lana, Gemma and Sammy are credited to Robert Kirkman and AMC. I do not own The Walking Dead, but some events in my Fanfiction may be similar to events in The Walking Dead. 

Together ~ A Carl Grimes Fanfiction © is copyrighted. Please don't steal my characters or storyline. Thank you.

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omgdead_walkers omgdead_walkers May 02, 2017
Omg yas first twd fanfic I've read where the character is Scottish
Wait..Sammy’s a girl? Well, am I the girl version of Dean then?! (Supernatural reference)
smoltozierbean smoltozierbean Mar 24, 2017
My names Kaitlyn and I'm from England!! This is the perfect fanfic for me!!
Swtlola15 Swtlola15 Jul 14, 2016
I like how you didn't call them walkers like a lot of authors because who really just calls zombies walkers like a certain group they've never met lol.
Frisky11 Frisky11 Mar 04, 2016
I talk but everything else is true so im three fourths of a corpse
KoolKold22 KoolKold22 Jul 13, 2016
I'm so happy that u chose Elle Fanning for Kaitlynn she's my fav