Ticci-Toby x Reader (LEMONS)

Ticci-Toby x Reader (LEMONS)

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LemonQueen18 By LemonQueen18 Updated Apr 26, 2015

Hello there!

This is my first story so don't judge! but anyways.

This is a Lemon story, so if you don't like lemons there this isn't the story for you. Also this is only for the creepypasta charter Ticci-Toby. So that means I won't do any other charater in this story besides Ticci-Toby.

Ok! now this is how it works, you name the place public or not and I will make the chapter, so the action will only take place at that place you request it in. Ok I think that's all, well if you have any request place them in the comments!

Bye, for now!

Copycat13_ Copycat13_ Jun 20, 2017
Has anyone else noticed the pov jumping? It anyoing as hell like who is that stupid?
tributesaremything tributesaremything Dec 24, 2017
I love how good this English is father and the haird I love it so dearly
Nightkill2005 Nightkill2005 May 15, 2017
When someone writes" released his seed in you" I always wonder how the hell is this girl not pregnant yet
LillyThePyromaniac LillyThePyromaniac Sep 26, 2017
I'm surprised that they didn't find that to. I mean apparently my parents are dumb
Kitthenekogirl12 Kitthenekogirl12 Jul 02, 2017
Wait..wait wait..if he in the mall with his outfit on..wouldn't there be some suspicious about a kid WITH HATCHETS ON. Oh wait this is a fanfic haha
6:30. Dude. If the movie was longer. I would've stayed there with the girls til past 7.