Ticci-Toby x Reader (LEMONS)

Ticci-Toby x Reader (LEMONS)

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LemonQueen18 By LemonQueen18 Updated Apr 26, 2015

Hello there!

This is my first story so don't judge! but anyways.

This is a Lemon story, so if you don't like lemons there this isn't the story for you. Also this is only for the creepypasta charter Ticci-Toby. So that means I won't do any other charater in this story besides Ticci-Toby.

Ok! now this is how it works, you name the place public or not and I will make the chapter, so the action will only take place at that place you request it in. Ok I think that's all, well if you have any request place them in the comments!

Bye, for now!

I'm surprised that they didn't find that to. I mean apparently my parents are dumb
- - May 12
Rose's are red....
                              Violet's are blue...
                              I'm going to stab my eye's out....
                              You should too...
Well damn! This story indeed did escalate quickly! Now I'm scared to continue reading! Lol!
GoreYandere GoreYandere Nov 03
He can't feel pain=can't feel pleasure.....
                              But this is fanfic so shhhnhhh
Roses are red
                              Cactus are prickly
                              I just read this
                              That escalated quickly
My mother (the one I live with) always leaves for 3-4 hours when we go out to leave. My aunt never leaves, so...mom's house...lol.