Dark Magic and the War of Astrania (Book 3 of the Shadow Chronicles)

Dark Magic and the War of Astrania (Book 3 of the Shadow Chronicles)

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The 3rd installment to the Shadow Chronicles. . . 

Astrania crumbles before the brink of rising plots, shattered by bloodshed, divided by race the world nears the edge of calamity . . . the build-up for the fall from the gods grace and the crawl towards a new era on the surface. . . Once again, Astrania will never know peace. . . 

Hidden truths come to question and the plot itself rises precariously as Pentus and the others discover that Aeron Farren may yet be alive fueling the urgency for another adventure on the horizon. 
 However, the world has gone on with oblivious disinterest in the three-month wait. The prince celebrates a birthday with an unlikely gift that will change his life forever just as the world dresses in a startling mantle of snow upon winter's step. 

But, even more troubling than anything they could've imagined, the entire world of Astrania is on the brink of worldwide war. Fingers are being pointed everywhere as the bloody war of the Astrania's races brews on . The Twelve Kingdoms are at an unease as shadows stir beneath their feet. Faces long-since forgotten and obscured come into sight to seize control of Astrania in the eternal war for power. 

Attached with only virtue, the ragged team joins together against the entire world to stop Astrania from breaking apart and to continue a hopeless quest for a man who may not even be alive. But ere long, the world will also soak in blood and deceit as the raging kingdoms enter the field for war, the world will tremble such as it has not known for nearly a hundred years since the last, calamitious war. The Third War of Astrania frays in the distance driven by a hand forged from the shadows. .  .