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Dark Magic and the War of Astrania (Book 3 of the Shadow Chronicles)

Dark Magic and the War of Astrania (Book 3 of the Shadow Chronicles)

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DragonRiderEXE By DragonRiderEXE Completed

Pentus, Kain, Saran, Tesulan, and Aria prepare for another difficult journey to save Tesulan's fathers soul. But, that's not all, lots have happened in the three month wait. Not only, does Pentus's birthday come, snow has been reported to shower worldwide in Astrania. But, even more troubling, the entire world of Astrania is on the brink of worldwide war. Fingers being pointed everywhere as the bloody war of the Astrania's races brews on . Can the team of five manage to save Astrania from the brink of war, and manage to save Tesulan's father? The suspect a traitor among their midst, but who? Betrayal, suspicion, love, action, adventure, war, and anger hangs in the thin air. Will they save Tesulan's father in time, along with Astrania before it's too late? 

    (Read to find out ;) ) . . . . You know it's tempting. Well then, flip to the next chapter and go onward, young warrior!

Great books. Can't stop reading. I'm on the third book. 3 days 📲📞💖
JimmyWhite105 JimmyWhite105 Jun 11, 2016
Well I said I read five chapters of first book An lol I'm stil her book 3 ur a good writer but u get ur weights rong a lot lol
longbatoppel longbatoppel Dec 10, 2015
found it.hihi about to read book 3.thanks to the dragon author.hehe
DragonRiderEXE DragonRiderEXE Oct 18, 2014
Image: Hey guys! I finally found a picture that sorta resembles Velgar! Kinda looks like Golbez from FF4 :3 without the dark helm.
DragonRiderEXE DragonRiderEXE Oct 18, 2014
Here's the synopsis! Read that if you didn't read the 2nd book or if you don't have a good understanding of it! We're going to have some mentions of the past ;) Gotta remember stuff like that!
DragonRiderEXE DragonRiderEXE Oct 12, 2014
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