Darcy [Harry Styles]

Darcy [Harry Styles]

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*This was written when I was thirteen. You've been warned.*

  "Harry, it's been rumored that if you have a daughter you would name her Darcy. Any particular reason why?" The interviewer asked. I gulped and glanced down at my feet, not wanting to talk about the girl that I had lost.

  "Um, yeah, actually." I admitted. "I used to be friends with a girl named Darcy... but she was kidnapped and never found again. I think that I'd like to name my daughter Darcy in her memory."

 My heart started to ache as I remembered Darcy Monroe and knew that I would never see her again.

  Or so I thought.

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Taliyah236 Taliyah236 4 days ago
OK so I called it and someone actually answered. Had to be the most awkward convo I've ever had😂😂
*sips tea*And that is how it all started....................
*goes into hospital*
                              MOMMY IM STILL IN THE BOOK🙌🙌🙌
5sosss24 5sosss24 7 days ago
My moms best friend's sister got kidnapped raped and murdered when she was like 17
rachaelgenis rachaelgenis 2 days ago
Hun.... sit down I think we need to have a little conversation about.....EVERYTHING  that you just said come take a seat sweety. 😀
Um February 20th anybody lmao or is anybody's in February because ik Harry's birthday is in February🙌🙌🙌