What I've Done

What I've Done

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h a z e By Midnight-Ravencrow Updated Oct 19

"Look at what I've done. I destroyed my family, I killed my clan, and my brothers hate me."

After she murdered her whole clan, Haruka Uchiha left her village and joined a criminal organization. She already lost her friends, she had to betray her brothers, and she watched her love die in front of her. With her new status as a missing nin, she is lost in despair, hurting herself to ease her pain. Will she ever be happy again? Or will she suffer and die by her sickness?



DISCLAIMER: I do not own Naruto! Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto

*Trigger Warning*

  • akatsuki
  • hoshigaki
  • itachi
  • kisame
  • naruto
  • sasuke
  • sister
  • uchiha
Lena_chan05 Lena_chan05 Jul 27
Just like in HunterXHunter in the exam my answer will be silence.
i used to do this a lot to my friends who were taller than me, used to.
                              *jumps on someone's back and points into the distance"* ONWARDS, MY STEED!
i read this and was like
                              ....... something's wrong here........ oh. OH OH OH OH OH!!!!! is Sasuke a female now?
WolfHowl60 WolfHowl60 Jul 13
Me: Go away!
                              People: *Comes in anyway* Hey!
                              Me:Bitch I said go away are you death!!
                              People: Oh, you said 'go away'?
                              Me: YES!!!
'play' with Itachi and Sasuke...... [insert lenny face here even though this is incest]
when Asians are happy, their eyes aren't visible. when they're angry, suspicious, laughing e.t.c. you still can't see them, no offence to other Asians apart from me.