Trapped | One Piece Fanfiction

Trapped | One Piece Fanfiction

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Friendship, love, trust, happiness, pain, darkness and sadness all in one.

A beautiful, young girl named Sky Marvell was rescued by  the Strawhat crew. Luffy wanted Sky to join them and since he had made up his mind, there nothing that could stop him.

However,  Sky seemed to be hiding something that prevents her from joining the straw hat crew. Are her secrets darker than they seemed? And will she be a danger to the straw hat crew?
When some of them starts to fall in love, things get messy. The "friendship" feeling is somehow lost. Troubles just seemed to follow them everywhere. Is their determination and feelings enough to save Sky and her island?

[All rights reserved | One Piece belong to Oda]

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Ase_Of_Spades Ase_Of_Spades Aug 12, 2017
Anyone else notice the phrase 'In like a LAMB (Merry) out like a LION (Thousand Sunny)' applies to One Piece Strawhats crew?
ImaNarutoFan ImaNarutoFan Jun 27, 2017
Of he has the scar hes 19 and weres the yellow slash and longer sleeved vest... If hes 17 he has no X scar...
Nekuru Nekuru Nov 12, 2016
Is it just me or I can imgagine the narator of one piece would actually say this? XD
Mlovestoread2002 Mlovestoread2002 Jun 08, 2016
I don't mean to sound rude or anything but isn't Luffy supposed to be 19
Aqua-Marine-Girl-01 Aqua-Marine-Girl-01 Mar 19, 2016
Did you get the name Sky Marvel from Wendy in Fairy Tail?
                              Sky: Sky dragon Slayer
                              Marvel: That's Wendy's last name
Karinx777 Karinx777 Dec 30, 2015
Wow you doing this like..... After EVERYTHING....or just like in between something