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The One He Lost.

The One He Lost.

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Holly By IamTheDeantoYourPie Updated Feb 10

There was only ever one girl that had gotten close to his heart. His best friend. His secret crush. She was gone when they became fifteen. 

He was the only one she had let in, told him everything. Everything except why she had to leave. Her best friend. Her secret crush. 

What happens when they get reunited? Will they even recognise each other? 
The detective and the new DI. 

All rights go to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and BBC apart from any of my original characters and cases.

FeltonandPhelps FeltonandPhelps Feb 08, 2016
Just read the first word and I get the feeling this book is going to be sad...
Niamhy2810 Niamhy2810 Feb 15
We're on chapter one and I'm already getting the record
queendingaling queendingaling Jan 04, 2016
Halfway through the first chapter and I'm already getting ask feely
-ScarsPetrova -ScarsPetrova Nov 29, 2015
                              .... My favourite dog :3
-melancholy -melancholy Nov 09, 2015
When ever I told my mom about the show I always referred to Sherlock as Locky!!
Wandar90 Wandar90 Jun 25, 2015
Just started reading and I love it. Hope lily reunite with Sherlock