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Danni By DanniNightShade Completed

(Part 4 of Nightshade)
With the Fallen One put to rest and the four Realms finally at peace all seems well for their inhabitants.
But when has peace ever lasted?

With Exodious defeated, the seals that kept the Lords at bay are released, and the Gods are unleashed on the world. While some are kind and caring, others are undoubtedly cruel.

Looks like the group is going on another adventure to find the Lords and put them to rest once and for all.

The fourth (or fifth counting Dragon Realm) installment of the Nightshade series, but certainly not the last. This book will reveal an entirely new evil more powerful than that of the Fallen One or Elysium itself. It will send our demonic heroes against powers older than that of their own creators.

BreannaPlowman8 BreannaPlowman8 Jun 25, 2017
well I am on my monthly anyway so I don't want to do anything so we are all good ... that was a cute chapter though I need the warmth
DanielleMatthews234 DanielleMatthews234 Feb 17, 2015
OMG LOVE THE NIGHTSHADE SERIES SO GLAD I FOUND IT also great work with all 4 book (included dragon realm)
dhzonnie dhzonnie Jan 25, 2015
o your lesbian makes sense IG but how in the hell do they have baby's lmao like really?
pwnsta pwnsta Jan 21, 2015
Umm no offense but how come all the characters are lesbians? Just curious.