Pericoloso (Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Fanfiction)

Pericoloso (Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Fanfiction)

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Ezio Auditore da Firenze; a Florentine Nobleman turned assassin after the death of his father and two brothers. A seducer of women, playful, possessing acrobatic skills far above his peers, and fiercely loyal to his family, Ezio is an assassin you don't want to get on the bad side of.

Speranza Chilometri; a mysterious assassin on a quest for revenge. She's cunning, quick, and much stronger than she looks. With a dark past and maybe a dark future, she's distant, and no one save for few even know of her existence.

She's dangerous, but that's why Ezio is so intrigued by her. 

"When you feel that special connection with someone, it's near impossible to resist."

*Doesn't follow exact game story lines, although some scenarios may be mentioned*

(All rights go to Ubisoft except for Speranza)

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  • assassins
  • creed
  • ezio
  • italy
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BeyonceOnSteroids BeyonceOnSteroids Aug 24, 2017
That moment when you realize 
                              I SPEAK ITALIAN HAHA LOSERS!
AkkiesBooks AkkiesBooks Sep 20, 2016
That moment when everyone in the comment section only comments 'that moment' things instead of actually translating it...
kklein098 kklein098 Sep 03, 2016
When I get mad at myself for knowing french latin english Spanish dutch German but not italian
The_Crxssroads The_Crxssroads Nov 28, 2016
Love the intro! I'm gonna keep reading this. One of the best AC fanfics I've come across so far, I think.
Its_Shea Its_Shea Jul 20, 2015
Glad I know some Italian now! And I'm a proud Italian :) but I still can't tell what it means but I'm going to guess
Mellidy123456 Mellidy123456 Feb 05, 2015
Bastardos means bastards in Spanish. Bastardi is bastards in Italian. Any who, great chapter by the way! :D