My Badboy Neighbour [SAMPLE, Wattys 2015 Winner]

My Badboy Neighbour [SAMPLE, Wattys 2015 Winner]

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Desirae Clark By yabookprincess Completed


A girl, a boy, and a bet.

Good girl Astrid Ella Bailey, the Oreo-loving school nerd of Evergreen High, has anxiety issues. Like any other nerd, she preferred to bury her nose in her books all day and avoid attention like the plague. She never got into trouble, save for that one time a kid ruined a photo of her best friend... a very dear friend she just lost in a tragic accident.

Bad boy Kai Asher, her high school's head playboy, is trouble incarnate. Intense, rough, and sexy, he's the one who makes all the girls swoon. One flirtatious wink and their heart's bend like clay dough. Oh, the shame when they all break like fragile china.

A bet is made, tempers flare up, and punches are thrown.
And when the good girl crashes into the bad boy - quite literally, screeching tires and smoking hoods included - the school went wild with intrigue. Astrid was thrown into the spotlight, and extra attention is never good for an almost antisocial nerd.

What was the bet? And why did Kai suddenly appear - in all his half-naked glory - at Astrid's next door window one day? Can she resist his insane sexual innuendos, or will she lose her sanity? Or what's left of it, anyway.

Fall in love with this light-hearted bad boy YA romance that's sure to make you more than a little giddy inside. Wear your PJs, snuggle into your couch, and enjoy this hilarious read (preferably with Oreos on the side). Grab your copy now!


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Nadiasach Nadiasach Nov 29
check out my story the bad boys cinderella :D
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But now I'm going to obsess over it. You know the thing with me is that when someone says I shouldn't do something my brain goes HOLD UP let's do it.
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the_pi_sisters the_pi_sisters 2 days ago
Ready the Pi sisters on our account! It's simply marvelous, and just like this amazing read!
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