TMNT: Boyfriend Scenarios!!

TMNT: Boyfriend Scenarios!!

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Kitten :3 By Janelle- Updated Apr 02, 2015

Hai guys! I'm here doing a Boyfriend Scenario for the four brothers we all love. 

(Y/N)- Your name
(F/C)- favorite color
(F/F)- favorite food
(H/C)- hair color
(E/C)- eye color


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Miki_Moo123 Miki_Moo123 Mar 02 did my friends ditch me if I had none in the first place?
Weeeelll that just happened
                              I am hurt.
                              I am very much hurt.🐲
Mearchee Mearchee Jul 10, 2017
Aww~ what? No 'sorry 'bout dis' than I faint because ya pull out a needle? *shakes head and crosses arms* so rude
I am the queen at staring contests. Maybe because i read books to much and don't blink. I also stare off into space so that helps too...
PencilWriterGirl PencilWriterGirl Sep 14, 2017
Me: 😑Dat how u greet people?
                              Leo: Sort of.
                              Me: IT'S GOING DOWN FOR REAL!!!! *GDFR by Flo Rida plays in background*
The-Mutated-Pisces The-Mutated-Pisces Feb 17, 2017
*how to get a girlfriend *
                              * tranquiliz her