Percy Jackson adopted son of Artemis ( under construction )

Percy Jackson adopted son of Artemis ( under construction )

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just a random girl By ShadeDaughterofHades Updated Sep 30

The Beginning

Third Person POV

Two people ran down the streets of Manhattan. One was a woman, with brown hair that a little bit of gray mixed in it. The next was a boy, he had raven black hair and amazing sea-green eyes. The boy was no more than four.
       What were they running from? They were running from a Hellhound, the hound was gaining on them. The woman was desperate, and ran into an ally. The ally was a dead end. She cursed her luck. She was stuck between the dead end of the alleyway and the hound. Tears fell from her eye, she knew this was the end. The boy was crying also. He was clinging to his mother's body. They hound howled into the night. It slowly walked to its pray, then it lunged.

      A scream was heard though out the night. The hound scratched the mother in the chest. The boy screamed and cried for his mom.         

      Then anger flashed through his sea-green orbs, his eyes darkened to a dark green. The hound backed up, the boy screamed a scream of rage. He...

It is about *****, and *****, where ***** *****. All in all, its amazing!!
pippop13 pippop13 Oct 20, 2015
description: 10/10
                              story line: 10/10
                              cover: 10/10
                              overall: 100/100
Whammie_kicker Whammie_kicker Mar 30, 2015
@blue24playful will catch on...if not I owe Chloe twenty bucks
13jaybird 13jaybird Mar 13, 2015
I have not yet 
                              Some one has it and has not returned it 
                              When I found out I started to cry at friend
                              They were really confessed at first
kunymphra kunymphra Mar 12, 2015
Great twist! You guys should check out sister in white by mfonemana .u. Ekene. It on amazon, but its now on wattpad. You'll love it.
ShadeDaughterofHades ShadeDaughterofHades Mar 09, 2015
                              No, I'm not in Canada, and never been there.