Stones and Glass Houses

Stones and Glass Houses

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"You know," he paused as he moved forward with lightning speed and grabbed my wrists.

I gulped. 

He then thrust them above my head I gulped as he trapped them in one of his own, large warm hands. "You know what they say about stones and glasshouses, kitten?" 

Gritting my teeth I tried to pull my hands free but to no avail. My back was pressed against the cold metal of the door, I had nowhere to go. 

I nodded my head slowly as I continued to stare into his Topaz eyes. He smiled evilly at me and leaned forward so his lips grazed my earlobe. "Good, and don't forget it."

Life in Moore was quiet. Being a hick town in the middle of nowhere, what more could you expect?

Little does anyone know that something is amiss with this new town that no one had ever heard of before now.  

Cory Hence. The resident bad boy. The dangerous street fighter everyone fears. The boy everyone wants. The mystery with a deadly secret. Stay away. 

Louis Valene. The jock. A handsome boy who is the nicest person, on the surface... Don't be fooled. 

Enter Abigail Morrison to throw everything off balance. A whirlwind of ever-changing hair, oceans in her eyes, and an overall inability o keep her mouth shut.

She has everyone's attention.


"It's her choice."

"And she'll choose me."

But if Abigail finds out the truth... will she run? Or will she let this glasshouse come tumbling down?