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For Our Parent's Sakes (Phanfiction)

For Our Parent's Sakes (Phanfiction)

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Kaela By dontdenyDRARRY Completed

Dan and Phil were friends from birth to teens. But during 10th year they start ignoring each other.

Soon Dan and Phil realize although they despise each other, their parents still want to be friends. They feel awkward hanging out when they know their sons hate each other.

Dan and Phil decide to pretend to be friends around their parents so they stop feeling bad, but this leads to them hanging out a lot, always including the two.

Dan continues to send Phil mixed signals, and Phil doesn't know if Dan likes him or not. So to find out how Dan feels he pretends to date his friend Tyler to see how Dan will react. But soon enough things get carried away and Phil doesn't know what to do anymore, because all he wants is his real friend Dan to come back.


This happened to me and I sucks 😔 if I would have saw it coming it wouldn't have been so bad when it happen. But the person the did this started hanging out the people that bully me and she started bullying me
Dalmatiansfordayz Dalmatiansfordayz Dec 29, 2016
Me and my v emo friend (I'm only slightly emo haha) friend natalie and I (Madeline) in kindergarten were only referred to as madelie I think the fücking five year old shipped it back then
HarryStylesIsBoo HarryStylesIsBoo Dec 14, 2016
Well I mean so are you cause in no time you're gonna be on your knees sucking the D
phannatural phannatural Jan 23
This sounds like what happened with my best friend in 5th grade
venqelfe venqelfe 6 days ago
this is happening rn with my best friend except i'm being replaced ;(
phan3133 phan3133 2 days ago
Me and my guy  best friend get mistaken for a couple all the time. It's not that weird until people say we should date but he's like a brother to me